Velocity of detonation (VOD) recording

ShotTrack3 VOD recorderMany blasting practitioners cite velocity of detonation (VOD) as one of the most important properties of explosives. It is essential that the explosive in field conditions detonates at its optimum rate and induces sufficient detonation pressure, leading to good fragmentation.

Oresome Products, like many companies here & overseas, trust ShotTrack3  for its VOD recording. ShotTrack, developed over 10 years, is an Australian-made cutting-edge VoD monitor that allows simple and inexpensive testing on site. Using standard RG6 QUAD coaxial cable, ShotTrack consumables such as cable & connectors are cheap and readily available.

ShotTrack VoD monitors are the TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer) type of monitors, with a standard 6μs sample rate that is good for all cable lengths up to 610m (minimum length is 80m). ShotTrack is fitted with internal GPS, 4 G Byte internal SSD plus last shot separate backup. The internal Li-ion battery provides up to 6 hours continuous use. The unit is housed in a tough Pelican-brand case.

ShotTrack3 VOD webOresome Products offer independent VOD recording service (on a dry-hire basis) with a detailed written report of the blast event taken from the data files created during the recording. Contact us for more information and detailed proposal.