Mining Tools & Instruments

Origin: Australia

The Australian-made GOTCHA Tool has been intended to retrieve non-electronic and electronic IE detonator leads, from Ø60mm holes upward, be they wet or dry, as well as other objects such as boosters, phones, radios, equipment, hand tools, and the like.

The Gotcha Tool comes in two sizes (SMALL & LARGE) to cover the range of blast hole diameters commonly found in mining and quarrying, is constructed in non-sparking Grade 316 Stainless Steel. The clip provided with GOTCHA Tool attaches directly to the swivel clip on Oresome Products DG-series depth (dipping) tapes. Prevent misfires and prolonged disruption to on-bench workflow with the GOTCHA tool.

GOTCHA Tool, distributed by Oresome Products


Fiskar Det-cord cutter
Origin: China

High-quality Fiskar brand with long-lasting stainless steel blade and high density plastic handle & anvil.  Ergo-dynamic design & light weight make it perfect for all day use.  Has thumb-lock for safety, and pointed handle that is perfect for perforating packaged explosive.


Electronic Shock Tube Initiator
ESI/2 by Duke Pro Inc
Origin: USA

The ESI/2 is the next generation electronic shock tube initiator. It uses patented plasma arc tip to provide reliable initiation of standard commercial and Military specification shock tube for 10,000 shots.

Two-button operation and an under-voltage lockout assures that the unit will not fire prematurely and safely discharges in the event of an aborted shot.

ESI/2 are submersible to 3m with shrouded & sealed switches and electronics. Operating temperature range is -40C to +85C.

The internal 9-Volt battery is designed to provide over 1,000 charge/fire cycles.


Woodscan Hornet v2.0 rechargeable air horn
Origin: Canada

4-HNT230v2.0 Hornet v2.0 set

Hornet hand-held rechargeable air horn by WoodsCan is the most reliable, cost effective, safest and most environmentally friendly signalling devise of its kind.  Powered by a 14V Lithium Ion (Li-ion) battery that can be recharged off mains supply or from the 12VDC outlet in most vehicles.  Will deliver over 2,000 one-second burst of 120 dB (A) signalling power from a single charge.  Average battery charge time is 30 minutes.  The perfect product for signalling blasting in mining & quarrying operations.


Lightning detector by StormPro2™
Origin: USA

High-quality USA-design.  StormPro2™ uses a proprietary technology to detect and determine the distance to severe weather, which is virtually always indicated by lightning activity. Through the application of advanced electronics and proprietary software, its high sensitivity, single-channel receiver detects electro-magnetic field emissions from lightning activity within a storm cell.

StormPro2™ then converts this data into digital signals and feeds them to its microprocessor for analysis. In addition to identifying the waveforms characteristic of storm activity, StormPro2™ performs continuous analysis of background electromagnetic interference (EMI) at the user location. This function is critical for minimizing false-triggering from non-storm noise sources, and maintaining accuracy of storm data. A computer analyzes the detected energy levels on the frequencies observed, and then calculates the real distance in kilometres to the detected storm activity. In a fraction of a second, the StormPro2™ displays warning information on its LCD display including:

  • The distance to storm activity,
  • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) measured from the users location
  • Storm intensity information.

Just as important as ETA, is the ETC “Estimated Time to Clear” information which is monitored continuously with 15 second data updates. Flashing LEDs and an audible alarm provide warning. StormPro2™ LCD continuously displays the time until the storm clears the area for safe resumption of work or activity, with the least downtime and maximum productivity.

StormPro2™ detects, identifies and tracks storm activity sufficiently intense to generate lightning within 100 kilometres of the users location. Thunderbolt operates in excess of 75 hours on a single 9-volt battery. A 220 VAC low-noise adapter, a hard carrying case, and a choice of desk stand or multi-purpose wall mount for permanent installation are also included in the standard StormPro2™ package.

StormPro2™ is ideal for drill & blast crews, surveyors, geologists, and mine mobile plant operators.