Safety Products

Safety products for drill & blast operations in mining and quarrying.

Solar-charged safety beacon AKA solar flasher
Origin: China

Solar flasher (RED) by Oresome Products

High-visibility LED safety beacons that recharge under any light source can be used to define areas where caution or authorized access is required.  Designed to fit most commonly available traffic cones.  Capable of flashing for three nights on a full charge, each weatherproof beacon contains four LEDs (visibility ~400m), powered by a 1.2V – 2200mA solar-rechargeable battery.

  • Visible approximately 400m at night
  • Optimised flash rate for extended operation on full solar charge
  • Will charge under any light source including fluorescent strip lighting
  • Available in red, amber, green, blue & white colour
  • Reflective tape indicates colour & provides extra visibility at night
  • Sealed battery compartment within beacon base spigot (Ø30mm x 60mm) that fits most common traffic cones and blasting sign
  • Suited to traffic cone mount or 50mm PN9 mounting for plastic pipes


Oresome Part#DescriptionQty/box
4-SWLAMBLED solar warning light AMBER20
4-SWLBLULED solar warning light BLUE20
4-SWLGRNLED solar warning light GREEN20
4-SWLREDLED solar warning light RED20
4-JW076WLED solar warning light WHITE20


Pyramid mine area signs
Origin: Australia

Oresome Products Pyramid sign – 900mm

Generally supplied with custom decal printed on reflective material on each face, and hole in top for solar flasher.

Heavy-duty plastic polyurethane signage to delineate drilling and mining areas, and areas of restricted access.

(H x W x D) – 900 x 900 x 800mm
Weight: 6kg


EcoCone blast area cones
Origin: China

EcoCone - Oresome Products

EcoCone sets a new standard in blast area cones.  EcoCone is comprised of two parts: the cone stem; the cone base.  More than 50% of the EcoCone is made of recycled materials. Both elements can be recycled again if the cone is damaged or destroyed. This saves money and lowers environmental impact of the cones.

NOTE: With PVC cones, PVC can be difficult to recycle given the presence in certain formulations of additives & dioxin, and it is not naturally biodegradable or degradable.

The cone stem is manufactured from low density polyethylene (LDPE), which provides superior hot & cold weather performance and increases the life span of EcoCone when compared to PVC Cones. Even in the hottest weather, EcoCone stands tall and vertical. No more soft and sagging cones in hot weather! EcoCone provides long term durability with excellent colour retention through the use of UV Stabilizers and low density polyethylene plastic.

The cone base is manufactured from 100% recycled rubber, is extremely durable & completely recyclable.

EcoCone has an easy to grip handle that facilitates quick deployment and retrieval. The grove makes tying off caution tape quick and easy. With 80% of the cone weight located in the base (compared to about 60% with PVC cones) the topple angle is almost doubled to about 80o off vertical (compared to about 45o in PVC cone equivalent) – excellent in high wind totally exposed environments.


Prismatic Cone Sleeves
Origin: China

700mm reflective cone sleeve 4-CS700

Our prismatic reflective cone sleeves conform to AS/NZS 1906.1:2017 Class 1, providing outstanding visbility, alerting crews faster and earlier, day or night. Our sleeves are durable PVC diamond-grade highly retro-reflective, micro-prismatic material that is non-corroding with excellent weather resistance.

We stock the highly popular colors of WHITE and RED.


Retractable Blast Area Barrier Bar
Origin: China

Oresome Products barrier pole
Retractable traffic barrier pole: 2.7 to 4.7m length

Designed to fit over two traffic cones, block off mining areas twice as quickly as the standard 2100mm versions available. End loop has a 80mm diameter, allowing for use on any sized cone.

  • Bar is extendable from 2700mm to 4700mm and is 40mm in diameter.
  • Cordon off larger areas with half the number of cones and labour compared the the standard barrier bar.
  • Lightweight (1.3kg), portable and can be easily stored when not in use.
  • Available in black with yellow reflective stripes, or white with red reflective stripes.


Blast area flag bunting
Origin: China

An alternative to barricade tape, blast area flag bunting is a reusable option.  Fitted with generously sized polyethylene flags that are double-stitched to the tether to improve durability.  Available in red & white alternate flags – an industry-accepted standard (red-only available on request). Fitted with prismatic material that is bonded to the tether the flags are double-stitched to, to achieve visibility similar to hi-vis clothing that complies with Australian/New Zealand Standard ‘AS/NZS4602-1999 Class D/N for day & night use‘.  Offered in 500m bulk box for entire blast area demarcation.

Night Vision bunting
Reflective tethering provide superior night & underground visibility

Our blast area flag bunting has one of the highest surface areas of reflective material of any alternative products available, making it possibly one of the safest on the market.


Neck gaiters
Origin: USA

Oresome Reflective neck gaiters

A neck gaiter is an article of clothing worn about the neck for warmth, protection from UV rays, and protection from airborne dust & insects. It is a closed tube of fabric of synthetic wicking material, which is slipped on and off over the head. It can also be pulled up over the mouth.  Oresome Products neck gaiters are imported from USA, are machine washable, and have reflective element for hi visibility at day or night (while stock lasts – manufacturer has ceased making the reflective band version).


Woodscan Hornet v2.0 rechargeable air horn
Origin: Canada

Hornet hand-held rechargeable air horn by WoodsCan is the most reliable, cost effective, safest and most environmentally friendly signalling devise of its kind.  Powered by a 14V Lithium Ion (Li-ion) battery that can be recharged off mains supply or from the 12VDC outlet in most vehicles.  Will deliver over 2,000 one-second burst of 120 dB (A) signalling power from a single charge.  Average battery charge time is 30 minutes.  The perfect product for signalling blasting in mining & quarrying operations.

4-HNT230v2.0 Hornet v2.0 set


  • Consistent +120 dB (A) signalling power across any weather condition.
  • Lowest life-cycle cost in this product category.
  • No safety issues related pressurised aerosol cans inside refrigerant-gas powered alternatives, such as storage in light vehicles in hot weather or the safe disposal of used cans.
  • Not subject to Australian Dangerous Goods Code (ADGC) regulation for transport, storage & handling.
  • Can be recharged in the field (spare batteries available as well).

Available in heavy-duty foam-lined carry case with battery chargers (240VAC & 12VDC).


Lightning detector by StormPro2™
Origin: USA

High-quality USA-design.  StormPro2™ uses a proprietary technology to detect and determine the distance to severe weather, which is virtually always indicated by lightning activity. Through the application of advanced electronics and proprietary software, its high sensitivity, single-channel receiver detects electro-magnetic field emissions from lightning activity within a storm cell.

StormPro2 - Oresome
Hand-held lightning detection

StormPro2™ then converts this data into digital signals and feeds them to its microprocessor for analysis. In addition to identifying the waveforms characteristic of storm activity, StormPro2™ performs continuous analysis of background electromagnetic interference (EMI) at the user location. This function is critical for minimizing false-triggering from non-storm noise sources, and maintaining accuracy of storm data. A computer analyzes the detected energy levels on the frequencies observed, and then calculates the real distance in kilometres to the detected storm activity. In a fraction of a second, the StormPro2™ displays warning information on its LCD display including:

  • The distance to storm activity,
  • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) measured from the users location
  • Storm intensity information.

Just as important as ETA, is the ETC “Estimated Time to Clear” information which is monitored continuously with 15 second data updates. Flashing LEDs and an audible alarm provide warning. StormPro2™ LCD continuously displays the time until the storm clears the area for safe resumption of work or activity, with the least downtime and maximum productivity.

StormPro2™ detects, identifies and tracks storm activity sufficiently intense to generate lightning within 100 kilometres of the users location. Thunderbolt operates in excess of 75 hours on a single 9-volt battery. A 220 VAC low-noise adapter, a hard carrying case, and a choice of desk stand or multi-purpose wall mount for permanent installation are also included in the standard StormPro2™ package.

StormPro2™ is ideal for drill & blast crews, surveyors, geologists, and mine mobile plant operators.