Measuring Products

Measuring & surveying products for drill & blast operations in mining & quarrying.

Blast Hole Dip Tape (Depth Gauge)
Origin: South Korea

These tough fiberglass tapes are the ultimate solution for measuring depth of blast holes. Attach a weight to the snap ring and lower to measure depth. The depth gauges are incredibly durable, flexible and lightweight with graduations printed on both sides for ease of use & error reduction.

  • Numbers are graduated from the weighted end of the tape strap
  • Swivel at weight end (see photo right) to prevent twisting & premature failure of the tape
  • Tough, flexible and lightweight with graduations printed on both sides.
  • White with black and red markings, large font – easy to read even when dirty.
  • Coating: Clear Coat.
  • Tensile Strength: 100kg.


Oresome Part#DescriptionSize (m)Tapes/box
1-026081DG15M – Depth Gauge1520*
1-026999DG20M – Depth Gauge2010*
1-026098DG30M – Depth Gauge3010*
1-026104DG50M – Depth Gauge5010*
Available individually as well

Dip Weight (bell-bottom design)
Origin: Australia

385g bell-bottom dip weight

Oresome Products bell-bottom dipping weight is designed to facilitate detecting the true bottom of the blast hole. and/or the height of the explosive column. Being solid lead it is the ideal material for dip weights being environmentally acceptable, relatively cheap, and high density. Our weights are designed to couple to the swivel clips on our dip tapes directly, and proudly manufactured in Australia.


Hand reels
Origin: China

canvas hand reel
Canvas hand reel, 100m tape capacity, Ø400mm

Tough yet economical hand reel to suit DG-series depth gauges, SR-series surveyor ropes and polyline markout tapes.  The plastic version (20m capacity, part number 1-110046) has a center handle that runs inside outer spool, with generous-sized handle for rapid recovery & storage of the depth gauge.  The canvas version (100m capacity, part number 1-000400, pictured right) has steel inner & outer rings & reinforcing bias material on the outer edges for high wear resistance & extended service life.



Surveyor Rope series
Origin: South Korea

SR-series surveyor ropes, in 30, 50 & 100m
SR surveyor ropes in 30, 50, 100 & 150m

These tough fiberglass tapes are an ideal drag chain for rough surveying measurements on the bench. Numbers are graduated from the strap handle upward to the end of the rope.  OSR-MM series are double-side marked, metric graduations both sides, and are reputedly more accurate and easier to read than some poly-chain mark-up tapes.


  • Tough, flexible and lightweight
  • White with black and red markings, large font – easy to read even when dirty
  • Coating: Clear Coat
  • Tensile Strength: 100kg


Oresome Part#DescriptionSize (m)Tapes/box
1-021772SR30M – Survey rope3010*
1-021789SR50M – Survey rope5010*
1-029999OSR100MM – Survey rope **10010*
1-150150OSR150MM – Survey rope **15010*
** Double-metric marked

* Available individually as well


OTR Series open tape reels
Origin: China

OTR-series dip tape reels - 15, 30 & 50m
OTR-series tape reels – 15, 30, 50 & 100m

Our range of open reel tapes consistently meet the highest standards of accuracy and durability. They resist breakage and damage under the toughest field conditions. The tape blade is coated with clear PVC, one to bind the fiberglass strands and a second over the printed units, so the numbers don’t wear away easily.

Our open tape reels (OTR) come in durable 10-point fastened poly-carbonate case protecting the clear-coated fiberglass blade.


  • Tough, flexible and lightweight with metal reinforced handles and double-fastened cases.
  • Tough moulded handle is easy to grasp.
  • Double-throat rollers guide the blade return to prevent the tape from twisting.
  • Markings both side of the clear-coated Ultra-Glass™ blade.


Oresome Part#DescriptionSize (m)Tapes/box
1-001040OTR15MM – Open reel measure tape1510*
1-010455OTR30MM – Open reel measure tape3010*
1-010462OTR50MM – Open reel measure tape5010*
1-020027OTR100MM – Open reel measure tape1005*

* Available individually as well


Survey Pin Flag Markers
Origin: USA

Quality USA-made pin flags

Our surveyor stake pin flags have a standard 64mm x 89mm PVC flag on a 530mm steel pin stake.  

Oresome Products stock WHITE as standard & recommend our customers mark the flag according to their needs using marking paint to reduce inventory, instead of keeping multiple colored flags.


Survey Pin Markers
Origin: Australia

Australian-made pin markers distributed by Oresome Products

Made from a UV stabilized polymer which is moulded onto a 500mm length of 2.5mm galvanized high tensile wire, Pin Markers are perfect for marking an important position on the drill pattern or elsewhere.  This quality product is proudly Australian made & designed for our harsh mining environment.

Product Specifications

Plastic Marker Size: 120mm x 35mm
Wire Stake length: 500mm
Wire Stake Material: Zinc Coated Spring Wire
Packaging: 500/Box
Colours: Red, Blue, White, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green